Fast forward zone

a cross-channel media on the future

fast forward zone is an hybrid media with the mission to give a positive vision of the futurefast forward zone is all about #innovation, emerging #trends, and the #future of #technology and #societyfast forward zone is an ecosystem of contents on different platforms; for each channel, one specific content


Exploring trends, imagining the #futureFun, inspiring and/or provocative tweets linking to meaningful curated news, innovative solutions, new buzzwords, emerging trends


Discovering innovators and promising solutionsEvery issue focuses on one subject and presents start-ups/innovators developing solutions to the world challenges

"The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed."

William Gibson


Thinking long termA series of interviews where innovators, futurists, creative minds, and visionary people are asked to project us in a distant future


NFT collectibles with a meaningYes, NFTs. Stay tuned

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clarke


AI in actionAn experimental blog where 100% of the content is generated through publicly available artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

fast forward zone is based upon one strong conviction: technology and innovation are the keys to a better futureWhether it's about building a better Internet, reinventing money, transforming energy production, or facing the climate challenge, technology will bring most of the solutionsNot much of the world's problems can be solved through governments' policies, or through ideological posturesMakers, entrepreneurs, and researchers hold the keys to a better future. Better yet, they are inventing these keys, through innovation and creativityThere is no reason to panic or get depressed about the future. Quite the oppositeThe future will be decentralized and decarbonized
The future is about innovating
The future is bright
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